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Federal and State Tax Litigation

Ledingham Law is highly proficient in handling an extensive range of civil tax litigation cases in both federal and state courts. Our areas of expertise include trial and appellate litigation and specialize in U.S. Tax Court cases that cover deficiency litigation, innocent spouse litigation, worker classification litigation, collection due process cases, and other forms of taxes that fall under the jurisdiction of the Tax Court. Our team also handles a wide variety of tax litigation cases in district courts, Maryland Tax Court, and DC Superior Court, including:

  • Refund litigation.

  • Defense of suits to foreclose tax liens.

  • Defense of suits to reduce assessments to judgment.

  • Civil forfeiture proceedings under Title 31.

  • Defense of summons enforcement proceedings.

  • Wrongful levy actions.

  • Residency litigation.

  • Offshore and domestic voluntary disclosure.

  • Sales and use tax disputes.

  • Employment tax and worker classification audits and disputes.

  • Bankruptcy tax.

  • Representation of non-filers.

  • Representation of tax professionals and expert witness testimony.

  • Criminal tax matters.


With our vast experience in handling tax litigation cases, we ensure our clients receive the best legal representation possible.

"Being selected for an audit is arguably one of the worst things that could happen to a small business owner, or at least that's how I felt.

It felt a lot less stressful when I hired Jess to communicate with the IRS on my behalf. Her extensive knowledge of tax law was evident when she would educate not just me but also the RA on the proper law.

She went the extra mile every day - with driving to me, essentially holding my hand through an interview, and making sure all responses to the RA were effective.

If you get audited - I strongly recommend having her by your side." - Parul G.

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